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WalMart MoneyCard (Greendot Prepaid Visa)

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Author: They STOLE my MONEY and LIED to ME

On March 25, 2009, I purchased a WalMart MoneyCard (Green Dot Visa Prepaid Card) from the WalMart store located in Hanover, MA (Store #5380), phone (781) 826-0606. They took my money and supposedly put it on the card for my use once I called or went online and provided an activiation number from my receipt. Please note, WalMart charges a premium to purchase the card in addition to the amount of money they take from you and SUPPOSEDLY put on the card for your use. I immediately called the 877-965-7848 number on the WalMart receipt and went through a series of personal identification questions through an automated attendant. After having given my name, date of birth, social security number, home address, PO Box, among other personal identity information, I was then greeted by a human voice with a heavy foreign accent. He informed me that he was UNABLE to verify my name and social security number and was therefore UNABLE to activate the card. Please note, WalMart covers their a$$e$ by stating on the receipt "no instore refunds available." It was SO obvious to me at that point that this was a scam and that I would never see my money again! The foreign voice told me that he could at least activate the card for the amount of money that I had paid to put on it only and that a personalized card would not be sent to me. I thought, ok. That's fine. I'll just go spend it now to make sure I get my money back. I had to make another purchase, so the very next purchase I maid, I tried to use the card and guess what? IT WAS DECLINED!!!!!!! Surprised? I wasn't. I KNEW based on the total BS I was given by the forein operator that this was a SCAM!!! However, I was STEAMING as this was the last bit of money I had until I got paid again 2 weeks from 3/25 so called the phone number on the back of the prepaid visa card 877-937-4098 several times...each time speaking with from what it sounded, the same foreign female voice. She kept telling me that they couldn't activate the card and that they would send me a refund check in the mail to my PO Box within 7 to 10 business days. I was LIVID to say the least. I called the WalMart store and they kept reiterating "NO INSTORE REFUNDS." I've called every number made available on the card, the receipt, to the WalMart store everyday that there was NO check in my PO Box. It is now April 12, 2009; 19 days later and I still haven't received a refund check. I've had my attorney call the numbers as well and even he wasn't succeful in getting through to a human to speak with. All of the numbers that were provided other than the WalMart store who takes NO responsiblity for the SCAM are all automated and you cannot get through to any 'human'!!! I'm so disheartened to think that such a supposedly reputable Company such as WalMart would allow this to happen to consumers. I subsequently googled "WalMart MoneyCard - GreenDot Prepaid Visa" and I couldn't believe all of the complaints I found online that described, verbatim, the very same horrific experience! I don't know what to do about this. Is there someone out there that can expose WalMart, Green Dot, GE Money Bank and VISA for this SCAM on consumers? They're stealing out money...literally stealing out money. PLEASE HELP!





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