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UBI Payment Center Windsor Morgan&Parker Fraud

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Author: Chris

UBI payment processing center and the 'Sponsor' of this 'contest' is perpertrating fraud. The Sponsor is Windsor - Morgan & Parker. They mail a letter out requiring you to answer an elementary math question (20 + 5 = ?), they require you to send a copy of your passport or other legal identification. Obviously it's a scam to steal a person identity. One should never provide such information but if you're even thinking about it - don't do it! If you enter UBI payment processing center in the search bar, it takes you to a list of (probable) reputible ecommerce payment processing companies (paypal is a a payment processing center). I couldn't find a company called UBI; nonetheless, it's a scam and anyone who receives the letter should try to provide the authorities with the information you received -hopefully 'they' will catch whoever is behind this particular scam.



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