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Author: John

This site is filled with lies and scams which shall be exposed here now:

Firstly to begin with there have been noted scammers on the site. Examples of such include: Maria Liverinova of Ternopol (Ukraine) and Nataliya Zelenskaya from Zaporozhye or Kiev (Ukraine). This makes the claim by this site that it has a sound antiscam policy to be totally erroneous and absolutely false!

Secondly there is also the case where profiles are either borrowed, bought or in some cases stolen from other sites and to hide the fact that the profile has been misused for such a purpose the ages and heights and the names of the ladies have been changed especially with ridiculously awkward names at times. This is to hide the fact that the profile was either bought, borrowed or stolen as mentioned above e.g. from places like or where the same profiles can be found actually at times surprisingly!

Thirdly there is the case where letters do not exactly come from ladies but come from hired employees who write these letters to men. Therefore one is spending and wasting one's finances behind a lady who may be nonexistent. People report letters being hollow and shallow and therefore they were obviously written by a hired employee which is a noted feature with letters that come from these sites especially if they have a hollow or shallow content in them!

Fourthly there is also a case for email bombardment or letter overload where letter notifications are sent to one's email account sometimes about the same lady over and over again in overwhelming fashion with its ultimate purpose to make the man feel "popular" so that with this popularity tactic it will cause him to spend his money behind letter writing in a large way! Its the same popularity tactic employed by These are in fact what are known as mail shot letters which may not in fact be coming from the lady herself but from the actual company or site itself in its effort to trick the man into purchasing heavily from the site! One can attest to these letter notifications being even sent to men where sometimes six to eight letter notifications per day are sent and if they join another site they sometimes get some of these letter notifications in much, much, less quantity in comparison. A proof of the popularity tactic of the site to "motivate" men to purchase from them heavily for perhaps letters that come from "ladies" who are not really there on the site!

Fifthly in some cases refunds are difficult to acquire from the site especially when one exposes their wrong! It has been noted that it has been a real fight with the administration to get refunds from them especially when the error of the ways has been revealed to them!

This is a plain 100% scam site with scam operations going on and deserves to be completely shut down. It may contain a great mixture of elements with it but its scam-related activities should never be overlooked and thus this site deserves to go out of business for good!



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