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The Salvation Army Shameful

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Author: Madashellandnotgoingtotakeit

I have listed the Virginia address, where the National Commander resides and reigns over his kingdom of ministers spread throughout the U.S.A. This organization is one of the (If not THE) richest charities in the country. They appeal to good-hearted people as a 'poor' charity that 'does the most good' for people. They helpp themselves, mostly. I had opportunity to see them over quite a few years, in various locations. The scam is this: 1. Take some people that attend church for awhile, or the kids of existing officers, send them to 'school' and teach them to become officers, then send them out to various cities to either become assistants, or to be in charge of the local organization. 2. Once in charge, these people are not supervised, other than whether they raise their quotas of donations and pay the higher up people a 10% share of their monies raised. Since they are generally ignorant and incompetent, but since they are 'ministers', they get away with all kinds of abuse and mismanagement, as well as illegal activities in some cases. 3. To further the problem, The Salvation Army is top heavy with older officers and has huge administrative costs, which they try to disguise to donors as 'program' costs. The officers rarely do anything, other than bark orders (no matter how ridiculous), so they have to hire outsiders to do their work, driving costs up even more. Most of their 'program' costs are church-related activities, which are basically related to the ministers' costs. 4. The entire organization, including the National Commander, are in the 'brotherhood of the church' and refuse to see anything bad or negative about the place, even with proof of problems. Their responses are to dump any complaints back to the original source, or to the persons complained about, for THEM to resolve! That's like asking the fox to resolve the issue of his eating the chickens! Why do they cover up for each other? *Mainly, to preserve a great deal for their ministers and their families. The organization raises billions yearly (they could pay off the national debt today!), which mainly (I'd estimate 80%) goes to pay for salaries of TSA (The Salvation Army) ministers, their wives, their kids' needs, their vehicles (these are for 'church' use, yet are almost always unmarked?), their vehicle gasoline, their vehicle insurance, kids drive the cars too, their home phones, their cell phones, their utilities, their houses (these are usually $500,000 homes in great areas-what's Israel live in?), their trips to 'conferences', their ful medical/dental for them, spouses and kids (even adult children with them). And, they get food for free, plus petty cash for anything in between. Not bad, but it gets worse: Each one of these dill rods also has to have an assistant set of officers to run the church, or to run programs, or just to be the whipping boy (if right out of their 'college'). Yeah, each set of 'assistants' is also given all the freebies listed above. You could estimate the costs for houses, living expenses and salaries (and retirement perks deferred for them) per couple as $100,000 per year EASILY, and that's not counting the higher up people like in Virginia. So what happens when you report fraud, mismanagement, abuse or other problems? *First, they deny or ignore it, hoping it will go away. Then, they take anything you report, send it in total back to the origin of the complaint for them to resolve! Like washing their hands of the problem?? The minister that is responsible for the problem simply either explains it away (this is always taken at their word, since they are 'ministers' too), or blames someone else that is not an officer (ie, throw them under a bus?). In the worst case, such as legal problems (there are documented reports of minister couples having violent DV situations, officers stealing money, officers' kids abusing cars or property, molestation concerns, etc) what does the Salvation Army do? They simply move the offender to a different location far away. This is regular and common, but they call it 'answering the Lord's call to move' or some silly crap, which is used for many things. People working for The Salvation Army (regular employees) are treated very badly, including harassment by the ministers, other staff, church people. There is no recourse because of the fact the Salvation Army is seen as a holy institution, no one believes it, especially the public that keeps giving them money. They pay well below the local average in wages, explaining that the employee is working for a 'poor' organization doing the 'lord's work' and shouldn't expect high wages-most employees are under Federal Poverty guidelines due to the organization's own set salary scales! When the officers hire their own kids or parents to work (yep, it's nepotism, happens ALL the time), they get paid above average wages, or overpaid for less work. Nice. Why are wages low? To pay for the extravagant lifestyles of many of the officers! They run low on money due to mismanagement, they simply lay off employees and make the remaining crew work harder-the officers don't help, they are 'busy'. If a good lawyer or person that does reporting/news wanted to have a great story, investigate this place. It's amazing. Contact current and ex employees, they'll tell you the real story about the harassment and abuse by officers. By the way, when you donate your property, it is sold and the money goes into big old trust funds that are invested to make even more money; these are used to buy the big houses the officers live in. Start with the local Salvation Army property lists- just look at the values, go see the houses. If you investigate officers, just look at the costs in their accounting offices for just them and their families-forget the 'church' cost excuses. Every local Salvation Army officer is taught to 'poor mouth'. They appear pious on TV and say 'we're not going to be able to feed anyone this year' and look at the ground. Donations then pour in, usually more money than anything else, all is good again. Same routines with special events, toys, programs, etc. They fundraise to pay themselves/buy new cars and toys. What a joke! My advice to any good church person, Christian, or donor: DO NOT give the Salvation Army a dime, now or ever!! They are a classic Rip-Off. Don't believe the lies about 'doing the most good'. Those Red Kettles raise money that never sees a poor person, it goes into the 'general fund' which is the officers' pockets! Any program run there (like shelters, food, etc) is paid for mainly by government funding (oh yes, they get HUD money, state money, local government money, FEMA) that restricts the usage-they've tried for years to circumvent government regulations to allow use in the church, to no avail. The Salvation Army was a great organization before 1980. They were respected and built a wonderful reputation. Then, they got greedy. Now, it's all about getting a piece of the pie for themselves. In the pre-greed era, the Sally ministers were few, worked very hard and lived simply. They helped people in need, had few staff and litle administrative support. Now, it's PR directors, HR departments, Admin support, mail appeal (yes, they pay companies to raise even more money!), wills and estates experts, legal teams, IT departments- none of this crap is program related!

salvationarmy commented on 11 May 2012, 14:28:51
All these comments are exactly correct. But it gets worse. Their so-called rehab programs are filled with drugs - usage and drug dealing. No one puts a stop to it because they need the free labor. If someone is caught on drugs he is slapped on the hand and life goes on. The officer has little to do with a man's progress in the program - just concerned if he can work. It saves The Army money so they can have more to spend all vacation and personal expenses. Don't dare try to report them to their superiors - they come after the complaintive. I do not understand how The Salvation Army is able to evade paying taxes with all the illegal activity they do. The officers charge personal expenses to the company by the millions.

Searching commented on 19 May 2012, 16:21:11
Thank you. Thank you. I saw all of these things take place in a Salvation Army and thought it was an isolated incident. You have really helped me to understand the workings of the Salvation Army better, so now I can heal. Thank you. Thank you.

commented on 20 Jun 2012, 02:48:10
Obviously this person is disgruntle, probably because they were caught doing something or they did not get the hand out they thought they were entitled to. They don't even know what they are talking about. First, officers have to give up everything to serve. These houses they are complaining about are average and are no different then what I get as a Methodist minister-it is called a you even know all the benefits all ministers and non profit managers receive? Try looking at the mega churches and what their ministers get. Try looking at other non profit agencies. Try looking at our government.Look at the benefits they get.
As far as their children- you don't know what they go through. As far as barking orders-sounds like to me that this individual had an "I am higher than I am" mentality and wanted to get paid and do nothing. An officer is in charge, just like any boss.Unfortunately, America has raised a generation of: I am entitled and I will do as I want and you will pay me for it. No matter where you work in the is world, dear there is always someone over you and if they "bark" or tell you what to do that is the way it is. It is not how you perceive how things are done but how you choose to react that will make the difference. You just might want to get a mirror.Oh and PS all these financial benefits you think they receive because you are looking from the outside-they pay taxes on all of them, nothing is free-including the little piddle of a "great salary" you think they get. Compared to the average minister or social worker they make on the average of $30,000 less. Believe me, they work and they work had,sometimes to their own detriment. The problem is that they often have to deal with low life people who are always looking to scam or want "their entitled hand out". I'm sure you know the ones they make their rounds every month. They come to us for their power. They go to the local rescue mission for their meals and then the hit the Salvation Army up for rent, while all along they are spending their government subsidies on tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
As far as there being drugs and alcohol around their rehab centers there just may be. What did this individual do to make any difference? Addicts will also lie cheat and steel to get a fix- it happens everywhere.
As far as them being top heavy with older officers- they may be. But most of these officers dedicated their lives even before they left high school. And many may have decided to come in after having other careers.Guess what?-For those who came in later in life-they do not even get all the same rank as those who chose to serve immediately.They are often auxiliary.Additionally, I don't suppose you ever heard of the federal anti age law? What are they supposed to do-just get rid of any one over the age of 45? That is being done in our country by corporations and America will suffer eventually for this lack of respect. Eventually the government will have to put a stop to this. Anther thing about the government is that regulate and limit exactly what the Salvation Army or any of us churches and non profits can do-so what you may believe as not being treated a certain way or not spending on this or that may actually be out of their control.
The bottom line is that you or no one else will be satisfied and see the help offered in love if you are not loving yourself. So get off your high horse. When was the last time you totally sacrificed for anyone. Nasty attitudes= a nasty heart. If you look for lemons you will find them but if you have a pure heart you will know how to make lemonaid. God reminds us that if a man will not work then he should not eat. In other words all of us can only do so much and each and every individual has a responsibility has well.
A large part of suffering comes from greed and selfishness. Bitterness will kill you. Mother Teresa once said............"But the greatest suffering is being lonely, feeling unloved, having no one". You might want to look deep in your heart and figure out what you are missing-the love, patience and understanding of Jesus Christ.

saworker commented on 01 Jul 2012, 18:56:45
When I began working with the SA I did it with a pure heart and wanting to give back. What I have found is so very sad.
The officers first priority is raising money. Next is PR. Helping their fellow man is way down on their list of priorities.
All money, each and every cent that is given to clients in the form of rental asst. fuel,... comes form government grants. The SA itself does not use money it collects in the form of their red kettle campaign or their mail appeals for this. I repeat, that is your tax money at work in the form of gov grants.
You ask, where is the money that I put in the kettles? It goes to administation.
What really breaks my heart is the way people are being scammed. Mail appeal is one example. Letters are sent to people in the community asking for $15 to feed a family. People send in their hard earned moeny thinking their money goes to feeding people. Not one penny is used to buy food at the SA I am involved with. When I asked about this, I was told this money is used to pay for salary and utilites to keep the panty open. Is this what the donors believe their money is going for? An other one is please send money for back to school supplies. How much goes for that? You guessed it. Nada. When and if anything is given to children, it comes from actualy donations that people bring in not money that is donated.
Christmas is one of the saddest of all times. Again, not one penny is spent buying toys for children or food. This again is all donated thru the kind hearts of others. The money that is collected in those red kettles is used to maintain their real estate and wages for their officers. It so breaks my heart to see small children putting in their change thinking it is helping poor people. It does not. Again your tax dollars in the form of grants go to help the poor.
I have been praying about this situation for a while. As much as I want to be of help to my fellow man, by being part of this scam I am as much of the problem. I know in my heart I will have to break from the SA as my very soul is in danger.
I tell everyone I meet to please not donate to the SA. Find a family or person in need and give to them directly. Do not use the SA or any organization to do that for you. commented on 08 Mar 2013, 20:10:50
Salvation Army = SLAVE NATION ARMY!
I’m going to try to open your eyes – the public’s eyes - and minds - to the biggest charity scam operation based in southeastern Michigan. I hope my revelations may encourage someone to do something to stop the plundering of the public under the guise of a Christian-based charity!
I’m speaking as a ‘beneficiary’ of the Salvation Army Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center. What I hope to expose is based on my observations, experiences and investigations of the Salvation Army’s so-called “rehabilitation” program and the operations of “thrift” stores as an ‘insider’.
I have read numerous reports from various sources on the internet, and other sources, and I empathize with all those who have filed negative reports/complaints about the Salvation Army in various forums. But all I can report on is the S.E. MI A.R.C., and its operations. I am myself, a victim of this organization’s atrocious behaviors. I’m willing to do my best to ensure this information will also be dispersed throughout numerous public forums, including: the internet, as many governmental, civil rights and news agencies as it takes to force a full investigation of the entire Salvation Army organization and to prompt appropriate action be taken to correct the wrongs this so-called Christian, non-profit charity has perpetrated against those truly seeking help… and to the general public.
What I have learned in my time there is that the abuse of the public’s trust and the mistreatment of all who seek recovery from their addictions is exploited by the Salvation Army locally and nationally, if not globally.
The Salvation Army has two ‘rehab’ (Adult Rehabilitation Center) centers in this area – the Detroit center is all male and the Romulus center is all female. The organization also operates thirty-four retail stores and a number of warehousing centers in the area.
I am a ‘beneficiary’ at the Detroit center.
During the intake process at the center, the question is raised as to whether a potential beneficiary has a ‘Bridge’ (food stamp) debit-EBT card. If so, the card must be relinquished. If not, the intake director makes arrangements to obtain one (it is guaranteed that the food stamp debit card will be approved due to the Salvation Army’s collusion with the Family Independence Agency & Health and Human Services departments). It is explained that is how your stay at the center will be paid for, and, very well may be food stamp FRAUD. Because the cardholder no longer has any control how the debit card may be used…but has been coerced into relinquishing that control to the Salvation Army.
A beneficiary can be best described as someone who is attempting to recover from an addiction, homelessness, joblessness, alcoholism, or any other alienation from family and society. Some beneficiaries are ‘walk-in’ (those who seek recovery under their own volition), and some are court-ordered, those who are forced into the program by the Department of Corrections as an alternative to probation and/or parole prerogatives. Non-the-less, they are people who may be seeking a way to better themselves and their lives.
You are then told that the program is not a rehab program, but a work therapy program! And, it is explained, that is another part of the way that your stay at the center is paid for. The S.E. MI A.R.C. administration has the audacity to call it work therapy, but it is actually slave labor. The beneficiaries are DOING THE MOST WORK! Beneficiaries are the back bone of this organization, although much of the general public has been duped into believing they are volunteers. Any area, or department a beneficiary is assigned to is included in that department’s operating budget and a salary value is attached. The beneficiary does not get a salary, the Salvation Army gets to report a salary, and the Salvation Army gets to ‘cook the books’ on operating costs in its annual report. It is just another way the ARC can get another revenue-earning deduction which is included in operating costs.
I believe a closer look at the organization’s ‘books’ should be taken by a legitimate governmental oversight agency on a continued basis to guarantee the legitimacy of this organization’s reports. I do not believe the Salvation Army would survive such scrutiny
If a person is court-ordered to participate in the ARC program, the Salvation Army receives payment from the Department of Corrections. That way, the Salvation Army is profiting three ways on court-ordered beneficiaries! The organization obtains the Bridge-EBT card, gets free labor and receives a reimbursement from the court system/Department of Corrections. These beneficiaries may get a reduced sentence/parole/probation by completing a six month program. It may sound like a good deal, except court-ordered beneficiaries are rarely able to complete the six month program because the Salvation Army tyrants always seem to find a reason to discharge these people so the only choice they have would be to go back to jail, or start the six month program all over. The Salvation Army can string these along people for up to several years for free labor.
Beneficiaries who receive a pension, social security benefits, or any other type supplemental income must sign over 75% of said monthly payments to the Salvation Army to cover the cost of residing there. This practice costs those beneficiaries from $800 to $1200 dollars per month, and they still have to work for free.
Those who complete the program and attempt to become an employee must go through an additional three months residency, as a probationary period and pay $800 per month rent. They get paid minimum wage and find themselves in a “catch 22” situation because their pay is so low and their rent is so high, they have no way to get out of the quagmire the Salvation Army has put them in.
Should they make it past the probationary period, they become either resident-employees, or they may become a regular employee and move out to a private residence. Again, with rent so high and pay so low, it is very difficult to live outside the facility. Some of the employees from the male facility have fraternized with employees from the female facility to ‘shack up’ in order for both to saved costs on their living arrangements. Fraternization is strictly prohibited by the Salvation Army’s rules, but due to favoritism this practiced is permitted.
The different charges for, and the treatment of the different types of residents are thoroughly discriminatory. That is another violation of civil rights.
And in all cases, everyone must continue to attend “classes” and attend all chapel related events!
Residing at the Salvation Army is not free! The Salvation leads the public to believe all services are presented to those in need for free! (This organization states this on its websites)
.Most of the work is done in numerous areas by the beneficiaries with little or no recognition and no real compensation at all. And, the beneficiaries are treated as if they are sub-human at the job sites.
We (beneficiaries who are hoping for recovery from our shortcomings) expect to be treated like human beings, not used to reap a profit for a corrupt organization, not exploited, not violated, disregarded, discriminated against, harassed, flagrantly punished, denied our freedom of speech, denied our freedom of privacy, treated like criminals, regarded as having no credibility whatsoever and subjected to psychological abuse - brainwashing...or…most importantly, forced into indentured servitude! Slavery!!
It is really human trafficking practiced by an organization that claims to be opposed to it.
Human trafficking (also referred to as trafficking in persons or TIP) is an umbrella term used to describe the process by which millions of people become enslaved each year. A widely accepted definition of TIP has been created by the United Nations (UN). The UN definition is as follows:
"(a) 'Trafficking in persons' shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation or the prostitution of others or other forms of exploitation, forced labor of services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs;
(b) The consent of a victim of trafficking in persons to the intended exploitation set forth in sub-paragraph (a) of this article shall be irrelevant where any of the means set forth in sub-paragraph (a) have been used;
(c) The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of a person for the purpose of exploitation shall be considered 'trafficking in persons' even if this does not involve any of the means set forth in sub-paragraph (a) of this article;
(d) 'Child' shall mean any person less than eighteen years of age"
The UN definition of trafficking in persons can be divided into three parts: acts, the means used to commit those acts, and goals for which those acts are committed. At least one element from each of the three parts of the trafficking definition is required to create a TIP case.
Each year millions of human beings are subjected to the trafficking process and find themselves exploited in settings such as brick kilns, sweatshops, chicken farms, cocoa plantations, mines, fisheries, rock quarries, or for compulsory participation in public works or military service, Salvation Army operations, as well as a variety of other settings. Countless others, predominately women and female children, but also boys, are trafficked into the commercial sex industry where they are used in forms of commercial sexual exploitation like prostitution, pornography, and nude dancing. Some are sold as "brides."
Slavery is Trafficking in persons is frequently referred to as modern-day slavery. an apt analogy that shocks and challenges us. Americans in particular are moved by this comparison. To us, slavery is a sordid, indelible stain on our national heritage, but nevertheless it is an evil most believe we conquered and relegated to the history books. However, news media accounts, on-the-ground intelligence from nongovernmental organizations, and reports from agencies such as the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime create a different picture. They reveal the inescapable truth that trafficking is one of the principle means by which slavery survives.
The definition of trafficking in persons is met by the Salvation Army’s actions: a) forcing beneficiaries to work in Salvation Army facilities as part of “work therapy”, b) threatening beneficiaries with punishment up to discharge from the A.R.C. if they do not comply, c) the goal being to maintain the process that produces profit for the Salvation Army. In other words, beneficiaries are kept in a state of indentured servitude.
(The above-mentioned statements are similar to those on the Salvation Army’s own website in the section on their ‘fight’ against human trafficking!)
The beneficiaries and resident employees are the prostitutes of the Salvation Army, to be pimped out to the organization’s various profit making concerns for the sole purpose of generating revenue for the Salvation Army, the most profitable, non-profit organization in the world!
The whole operation here stinks of a religion-based cult! It violates every constitutional, labor, safety and environmental law there is! (I will address these separate areas throughout this report.)
The only god worshiped by the Salvation Army is money. The program is run by relentless mini-dictators who have taken their positions to the extreme and will yield to no one and believe they do not have to answer to anyone. Their illegal practices should not be ignored any longer.
They are a disgrace to the idea of A Salvation Army and religious beliefs of all faiths.
The Salvation Army may appear to provide excellent and reliable service in helping domestically, and in foreign countries, but only when a photo opportunity presents itself, when television news and newspaper cameras are present, or when the organization stages a self-promoting event.
The program here is a total fraud and an outright failure when it comes to helping people with homelessness and addiction issues. It is what it is, “A FRONT” for a money-making machine exploiting human suffering. The only homeless, helpless, addicted, alcoholic persons it “HELPS” are the ones who it is able to SNAG into the so-called rehab programs.
This organization does not help the general public, or anyone ‘on the street’, it only tries to snare people into a program that is designed to only generate profit! This organization provides no real services for the public, no safe houses for battered women, no temporary shelters for ‘street people’, no alternatives for children who may find themselves separated from their parents, (and, as far as I have seen) no food service trucks for people on the streets. The only ‘food trucks’ I have seen are the ones that service the Salvation Army’s catering concerns. This organization does not actively seek out and help anyone who will not result in a profit. The beneficiaries are provided only donated food (a lot of it well past expiration dates), while the catering services provide first-rate, purchased food specifically for the catering services.
Their oppressive approach has created a hostile, stressful, mentally unhealthy environment for the beneficiaries and employees alike. For example: Employees and beneficiaries (after 13 weeks in the program) are mandated to attend AA/NA meetings, which may be unconstitutional and illegal due the religious nature of those meetings.
Also, it is mandatory that everyone must attend chapel services every Sunday…men and women alike…in the church/chapel at the Detroit-Fort street facility (unless they are in work therapy). Also, on Wednesday evenings, beneficiaries must attend a chapel/bible study service. We are being forced, against our will, to attend church services that most would not attend otherwise. That is a clear violation of our Constitutional rights!
You do not need a church to worship your higher power. I worship my higher power every day. I believe…as I look around at this wonderful universe I am part of, and think that this all did not get here by chance. But why is the Salvation Army permitted to tell me who my GOD should be?
Beneficiaries are required to attend various ‘classes’ throughout the week such as: Living Sober, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Bible Studies and various others. These ‘classes’ are thinly-veiled brainwashing sessions. They are run by facilitators, not teachers, because they are not certified as teachers in the state of Michigan. Somehow, regardless of the supposed focus of the class, the facilitators relentlessly direct all thought back to the Salvation Army’s religious point of view.
A number of the facilitators also double as ‘counselors’. Beneficiaries are required to schedule counseling sessions around their work and class times. The focus of the counseling sessions is also mainly religious in nature. Beneficiaries are required to complete ‘journals’ – religious in nature – to be permitted completion of the program.
The inmates run the asylum in Detroit. Everyone in control of anything is someone who has been through the program (sometimes several times), a recovering drug addict, a recovering alcoholic, a convicted felon, a child molester, or some other type of reprobate…and it appears they make the rules as they go along. Many are the biggest thieves and liars in the place! They run the place like a prison slave labor camp. They confiscate beneficiaries’ items, at will, and keep the items for their own use. They allow thefts from the warehouses, only to do “dorm raids” so they may confiscate the goods for their own use! They are also the first to steal as soon as worthwhile shipments come to the Detroit, Pontiac and Romulus warehouses. (Just look at their shoes, clothes they wear, electronic devices they have and various & sundry items…everything has been ‘appropriated’!) Yet, they act as if they are above the laws of society, because they are running their own kind of society! They believe they don’t have to live by the laws the rest of society must. I will be naming names throughout this report.
At the thrift stores the managers, assistant managers and paid employees are the ones who have ‘first pick’ of any valuable merchandise that is received from donors, and they take unabashed advantage of their positions. Each store has its own ‘production line’ to receive merchandise at the donation area, a number of sorters, people who price and tag goods and the people who place the goods in the store showroom. When clothing is sorted and placed in the showroom, it is never washed. So, when you buy articles of clothing at a Salvation Army thrift store you are getting clothing that some paid employee has determined to be clean enough to sell. In some cases, this practice could be a health issue.
The pricing in the stores is based on the Salvation Army’s value chart and the prices still end up being near prices you would find at any other retail stores such as: Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s and many others that sell brand new items.
The working conditions in the back of the stores are run like sweat shops. The production quotas are set at unbelievable demands. If the quotas are met…they are raised. Many times beneficiaries are working on the lines and are threatened with possible discharge if they do not perform up to expectations, or to the demands of the paid (civilian) management types. The people who are under pressure (paid management employees) from their higher ups, for quota numbers, pass their frustration on to the people working the line. And, again, the beneficiaries are the ones who bear the brunt of any retribution. They always face being penalized, up to discharge, because of some employee’s blunder. How in the world does it benefit a beneficiary, who may be truly trying to put their life back together, to continually face the possibility of being put back on the streets…and in most cases, actually being put back on the streets, because of some marginally employable person’s mistakes or incompetency?
And, this is a Christian organization? This is clearly a money making organization. Production numbers, and profits to be made, are clearly put before any beneficiary’s recovery. Money before helping your fellow man is the message here. And by claiming to be a ‘charity’ all its financials should be public record.
Many of the stores are also mini-warehouse facilities…which provides the Salvation Army with even more cubic feet of storage for merchandise that is donated TAX FREE from the unsuspecting public, sorted out, picked through and then sold back to the public (if it is not stolen first, or sent to the trash compactor!).
The three main warehouse facilities (and many other ‘hidden’ warehouse facilities in this area) affords the Salvation Army approximately over 500 thousand square feet of storage for merchandise donated by the unsuspecting public. In the more than 500 thousand square feet of warehouse storage, it must be kept in mind that the storage bins used (4’x4’x4’sized-and sometimes larger-cardboard boxes commonly called ‘gaylords’) are stacked, most times, three units high (up to approximately 16’), affords the Salvation Army the storage of more than a billion dollars of free surplus merchandise in 8 MILLION CUBIC FEET OF SPACE! This is not a poor, or suffering charity operation! They put more, perfectly good, merchandise into their compacters, as trash, than they ever present to the public for sale. Apparently this organization gets paid more for landfill trash than it would make by selling to the public living on limited means. This is for the southeastern Michigan operations alone!
An enormous amount of donated merchandise never reaches the stores, but is sent as trash to the compactors at several of the warehouse facilities and stores.
(Additional notes and points that will be explained)
Resident employee rent increase and policies – deceptive practices toward the public and beneficiaries -The PROGRAMMING brainwashing that stinks of a CULT – violations of Labor laws, Safety laws and Environmental laws; not to mention the unconstitutionality of many of their practices – working conditions – theft – fraud - complaints by workers – rampant racism -sexual harassment - misuse of funds -employee treatment - duping the public – complaints from around the world - falsifying reports – presenting a false public image -possible cases of embezzlement – the perks and treatment of Officers coercion – intent for the institution of a class action lawsuit - the intention to contact appropriate government agencies - asking for the involvement of the ACLU and other civil rights activists – a breakdown of profits – and the homophobic stance this organization has and the actions taking in regards to lobbying against GLBT groups and related efforts to circumvent the rights of people…even though in the Detroit area operations there are a number of gays in leadership or administrative positions
Do not donate to these scam artists!



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