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Roderick Kagy - Dr. Janet Greeson

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Author: FraudPreventionAssociates

1 World Foundation, LLC
Janet Greeson
Dr Janet Greeson
Roderick Kagy
David Cullen
RO Investments
David C. Miller
Ponzi scheme and fraud based investment

In January of 2012, our client met Dr. Janet Greeson, Vice President of Project Funding - 1 World Foundation, LLC [] through a business contact. 

She stated that an investment of $250,000 or more from our client would yield five times face value in a short period of time [6-8 weeks] per the written contract between our client and 1 World Foundation, LLC [1 World].  Our client wired $250,000 to the bank account of 1 World Foundation, LLC at Bank of America in North Carolina in February 2012.

Our client was then introduced to Roderick Kagy, President of 1 World Foundation, LLC.  Greeson stated that the money was invested to purchase / lease a Stand By Letter of Credit [SBLC], and fund the investment through the monetization of that SBLC.

As a case in point, Roderick Kagy, Janet Greeson, nor anyone involved in 1 World hold any SEC or international securities license to conduct the business they are currently transacting.

A long series of lies and untrue emails Updating our client as to the Progress of the investment came from Janet Greeson, asking our client to Have patience.  We at Fraud Prevention Associates in Belize have now learned that Janet Greeson has never been a formal or legal part of 1 World nor does she have any control of the investment other than to carve off fees for herself for bringing our client in.  Additionally, she represents herself as a Dr but does not hold a doctorate degree from any accredited university.  Greeson received her diploma from a pay as you go diploma mill that has been forced out of business by fraudulent educational practices.

Another series of delays caused 1 World Foundation, LLC to move to Another investor and has claimed David C. Miller, President of RO Financial Group of Houston, TX was attempting to fund this SBLC.  No records, nationally or internationally, show any investment made by this company.  After further review, David C. Miller and RO Financial Group have no SEC or International Investment licenses and are fraudulently representing their ability to buy and sell securities.

Month after month, promises were made by Dr. Greeson and Roderick Kagy that the investment had funded and money would be returned to our client. Our extensive research shows that none of our clients money has been invested by 1 World Foundation, LLC or OR Investments.

In our fiduciary opinion, this is clearly a Ponzi Scheme involving fraudulent activity, securities fraud, mail fraud and embezzlement.

Avoid any involvement with 1 World Foundation, LLC, Dr. Janet Greeson, Roderick Kagy, RO Financial Group and David C. Miller. 



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