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Author: Dena

I got a phone call on 2/28/13 on my cell phone from a lady saying she was from a collections agency and she demanded to know why I hadn't paid off my payday loan from "1 year ago from today" and asked me if last 4 numbers of my social was blah blah blah and raddled off what really was the last 4 of my social and asked if I was working and kept asking questions that I wouldn't answer I just kept asking who she was and where she was calling from and what account number she was referring too and what the balance was because I never applied for a payday loan ever in my life so I knew it was a scam or Identity theft plus I had recently filed bankruptcy so I know what exactly is on my credit report. And finally I told the lady point blank that if she didn't tell me more specific information like the date of the loan the account number the balance owed and the name of the collection agency she was calling from I was going to file a police report for fraud/identity theft. finally she told me it was debt owed from a payday loan thru NetLoanUSA and it was loaded onto my HR block card and I asked her what the card number to the hr block was to verify if it was my card or not and it didn't match the card I have so I wrote the number down and when I went to again ask the balance the lady hung up on me. So I called the number back and a gentle man answered and wouldn't verify any of the information from the lady just kept saying I needed to talk to her about it and asked to talk to his supervisor and he told me my wages where going to be garnished from my employer and raddled off an old employer and when I told him I didn't work there any longer he hung up on me too. I checked my credit report and nothing from netloanusa.......scammer



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