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Meeks Auto Haus

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Author: Justine McNair

I recently purchased a 2004 Nissan Maxima from Meeks Auto Haus in Garner, NC in October. Unfortunately, after two weeks, the vehicle would not start. Per a local mechanic it would need a new engine. In effort to get the matter resolved, I had the vehicle towed to the closest mechanic to get an estimate for repairs. Since then, the owner of Meeks Auto Haus suggested we tow it to their desired mechanic since they didn't agree with the price. They paid for the towing, but two weeks out I am still without a car. Repeated calls to the establishment go unreturned. We felt, at the least he would pay for a rental or simply allow us to just select another vehicle, but that hasn't been the case. My recommendation to consumers is to avoid this dealership at all costs. The Better Business Bureau would concur.

wyhevans commented on 14 Feb 2013, 11:41:53
I bought a vehicle from this same dealership in November 2012. It was a BMW 325i. The "service engine soon" light was lit and I was told that it only needed an O2 sensor to fix. Also, the windows wouldn't roll up & down and I was told window regulators would fix that problem. They promised to fixed these issues, but in the meantime, within a matter of days, the car started running rough. I had a diagnostic done on it at Performance BMW, and the engine had misfires on all 6 cylinders, the light switch moduled burned out, it needed plugs replaced (tune-up), all four tires were "in the red", and the wipers needed replacing. The dealership questioned how the vehicle was able to pass inspection and be sold in that condition. Anyway, besides being charged over 3X's what the vehicle was worth, I ended up paying to have these repairs done costing up to $2000. I didn't even get my tags and registration until January 2013! I tried to back out of the deal, but they would not allow me to. I bought a "lemon" and paid more than what it was worth--DON'T GO THERE!



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