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Kenneth Hagin, Jr.

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Author: Thomas

Here is the truth that proves that Kenneth Hagin, Jr. son of the late Kenneth Hagin, Sr. has participated in racism and prejudice. According to the book: "Kingdom Awakening by Joseph Mattera, page 56 of the Chapter: "Partnering and Ethnicity", subheading: "A Melting Pot" we see this racist minister exposed for who he is and here is the quote from this very book that shows the evidence of this clearly well: "In the 1990s Dr. Fred Price, a well-known television preacher and graduate of Kenneth Hagin, Sr's. Rhema Bible School took umbrage with Kenneth Hagin, Jr. when Hagin said he was not in favor of "racially" mixed marriages. This incident caused a rift between them and damaged the brotherly relationship between Dr. Price who is black and the white Hagin family." Here is the proof that shows the racist tendencies and racist pollution that has invaded the mindset of Kenneth Hagin, Jr. and perhaps by extension the Hagin family as well. It is because of this that a complaint must be filed about this on this site to expose who this minister is and perhaps as well who is his family are by extension too as well.

General commented on 10 Jun 2013, 12:07:36
Here is the proof based upon what one newspaper source, the Los Angeles Times said:
"Issue of Racism Breaks Ties That Bound Two Churches
Discrimination: Pastor of black center is speaking out against a sermon opposing interracial dating.
March 28, 1998
The Rev. Fred Price, pastor of the predominantly black Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, has severed long-standing ties to a leading white Pentecostal ministry in Oklahoma over the issue of interracial dating and marriage.
During a series of sermons on racism that were broadcast last winter on his nationally syndicated TV program, Price played excerpts from a taped sermon by a minister who said that young white Christians should not date people of other races."
Added Note: This minister they are referring to is none other than Kenneth Hagin Jr. Here is more proof again that validates this report.



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