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Discount Vacuum and Appliance Waco, Texas

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Author: Anonymous

I purchased my appliances for a new home from Mark(owner) of discount vaccum in late June of 2010. Told him I would be ready for them in early August. Picked up appliances was extremely careful with them and unloaded frigidaire refrigirator and plugged it in only to find it did not work at all. I waited the full 24 hours and still nothing was even remotely cool. I called 800 frigidaire number as well as Mark. He said it was in warranty phase and I had to go thru the company not him. I got numbers of places in my area that would service unit and they came out the following week on their 1st available time. THey said the compressor was frozen and they had never had this happen before. All the units they had seen at least worked for a little while. They said the unit was most likely severley flawed and while they could replace the compressor it would likely give more problems. They suggested contacting the seller and asking for a replacement since the unit never worked at all. Mark again wanted to push me off on the warranty phase. When asked about a replacement he said he could not do that and even if he could he would never replace a unit. THe repair place ordered a compressor and was told by frigidaire it would be up to 10 days.

I called on the 10th day and it was not in. I asked them to ck and they did so and frigidaire now told them there were 176 on backorder and they had no ETA and a possible wait of up to 6 months. I call Mark back said it was unacceptable. He again says to get on the frigdaire people about it. I got angrier and contacted BBB in my area and they said it was a case they could defintley mediate for. I mentioned I had researched compressors on frigidaire units and found many, many complaints on continued compressor failures. I also ck'd three other major brands and only found icemaker and water filter problems. I told Mark of these things as well as the contact made with BBB. He said I should do what makes me feel better and that I could find those type of complaints on any brand. I mentioned I had already ck'd other brands and found only minor issues. He commences to tell me of a car that he bought in 1977 that had an alternator replaced three times in two weeks time before one worked and it was a brand new car. As if he was going to convince me to put up with this issue and just wait it out. I asked if he drove that car off the lot and he said yes. I said well my refrigirator NEVER worked to begin with. I have filed my complaint with BBB and will ck into small claims court and have researched implied warranty on wikipedia which talks of fair trade and laws concerning sellers responsibility. I have had to go and buy a new refrigirator and move this one to the garage until this matter can be handled and my money refunded. I have been without a fridge for 3 weeks and I have no intention of waiting up to 6 more months.

Buyer be ware and be sure and ask for the store policy when you buy a product. Big Box stores usually have a 30 day policy where they will replace it if it does not work or breaks within that time. One thing is for sure Discount Vacuum will NOT stand behind a product they sell. THey have no concern or responsbility to the consumer as far as they are concerned. Very unfair business practices.

adh42 commented on 15 Mar 2013, 00:34:33
I truely believe this comment... our air unit went out in July 2010, my husband's friend has an acct. with Discount Vacuum so she purchased a Central Air Unit (Haier Brand) the unit worked okay but when we needed to use it the next year 2011 the unit wouldn't cool the house at all :( so we called Discount Vacuum only to hear that we would need to go through Haier, needless to say they gave us the run around and it's now 2013 and the Air Unit continues to sit outside the house and does not work at all... money wasted and thrown right down the drain!! BUYER'S BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! THEY'VE BEEN AROUND WACO, TX. FOR A VERY LONG TIME... BUT THEIR QUALITY OF THEIR PRODUCTS AREN'T GOOD AND THIS COMPANY DOES NOT BACK THEIR PRODUCTS AT ALL!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!



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