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Cash Net USA payday Loan Scam

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Author: Sue

I got a message on my home phone on Friday May 22nd, and then a follow up call at the same number on Memorial Day, May 25, 2009. Both calls from the same woman with very thick accent. She said it was in regards to my arrest the following day due to an affadavit she had in front of her for non-repayment of funds from a payday loan I had recieved. When pressed as to when I supposedly got this money she stated only '2008'. When I told her I had never in my life recieved a payday loan, she proceeded to rattle off all my personal info, including my social and bank account number, my mothers name, my former supervisors name, and my former place of employment. I reiterated that I have never had a payday loan, and she transferred me to her supervisor, Ryan, who also had a very heavy accent and who was very nasty. When I pressed him he said he was with the Legal Division of CashNet USA. He also could not give me a specific date of when I 'recieved' this money, or a legal entitiy that was going to arrest me the following day. He then hung up on me. I did apply for a payday loan in December 2008, but refused to take the loan. I checked my bank statements to make sure there was nothing but payroll deposits. I checked my credit report to make sure nothing was there. And I filed a complaint with the attorney General of Florida. I will contact my bank tomorrow just in case. I see there are over 100 complaints listed on this site alone! They will not take advantage of me!



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