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America's Servicing Company, ASC, Wells Fargo STOLE MY HOUSE & THEY WANT TO STEAL YOURS AS WELL!

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Author: Jon

I've never met anyone who worked at ASC in person so I don't know faces but when I imagine what Satan and his minions look like I visualize the voices of the people I have dealt with at ASC and the imagined faces they have. ASC STOLE my home last May! Yes, they STOLE IT! My story is similar to many posted here. They would lose paperwork, told me to skip payments, tack on excessive fees, transfer me all over to have me explain the story to a new rep that had no clue what I was talking about. The home went to foreclosure once due to this garbage, I paid excessive fees to their 'attorney' (around 20,000) to get my house out of foreclosure. I begin short sale negotiations in July of 2007. I had a buyer that was ready to pay cash and I was told by ASC that I could get a result back within 60 days. 60 days later not only had no answer been given but I was told that I needed to resubmit my paperwork because it expires after 60 days! I resubmitted and of course my file got put back in on the bottom of the pile. Which meant that after another 60 days the same thing happenned. This happenned three times, each time they had to order a new appraisal the cost of which was tacked onto my loan of course. At one point they gave me this runaround but the appraisal had just been done two weeks prior and when I called them on this and the legality of what they were doing I got alot of stammering and a 'Oh, well we can have an answer in two weeks.' Guess what I never got my answer and they continued this horse s*** ordering several more appraisals, losing paperwork, saying they called or sent letters (never did....never would send me ANY paperwork on my loan balances etc. even though I requested it several times) all the way up until the day of my sheriffs sale. May 2008. I did recieve a notice in writing though. The actual day of my sheriffs sale they still had me talking to people giving me the runaround while they were selling my house. This company is a cesspool of filth and so are it's loss mitigation department and slimy attorneys. They will outright lie to you and steal your home as well. The home was out of state I was not able to attend the sheriffs sale plus I was told that it was put on hold and a manager in Loss Mitigation would contact me. I ended up calling them repeatedly every day to be told the person that was handling it was not there and that they should be able to help me all the while they were auctioning my home off! Auctioning it to themselves they never sent it out to the general public and purchased I believe for 1.00 or 10.00. Which is how much the mice they buy on which they feed cost. I know I felt like one of those mice being chewed up alive while they told me it was all ok......I just needed to keep waiting. They had slapped on excessively overpriced PMI insurance prior to the sheriffs sale to themselves. Like they slap on excessive fees by telling you to get behind so they can 'help' you. Bull. So basically what happened is they were reimbursed the difference between what I owed and the 1 or 10 they bought the house for from the Private Mortgage Insurance. Then they put my home back on the market to try and sell it. Don't tell me the banks don't want the home it has declined in value. In the end, they make quite a bit of money. Since dealing with the cesspool and the savage slave lords of ASC. I have learned a few things: first, ALWAYS shower after dealing with these people. Second, you do NOT need to miss a payment in order for someone to 'modify' your loan. It is something they do to make more money for ASC and Wells Fargo. Keep in mind ASC has collections, and loss mitigation ( a glorified collection department). And their job is to make as much money as possible for the bank at whatever cost to you. These employees are paid hourly and they recieve bonuses and commission so they are not truly trying to help you. They want to help themselves at your expense. I now work with people going through this every day and I can tell you that YES, THE BANK DOES WANT YOUR HOME. They have no reason to negotiate with you unless they are forced to by a negotiator. YOU MUST SHOW THESE ANIMALS NO MERCY! I kid you not. They will not show you any and they outright lie to their 'customers' that they are supposed to be servicing loans for. They steal homes from all races, little old people, young families, even the Easter Bunny got a foreclosure notice two days ago from ASC. I just wrote an article that was published in our local paper and if you would like to email me through this site for more information or a link to the article please feel free to. Good luck and God Bless.



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